Everything you need to manage assets, bookings & payments.


Easily allow users and organisations to book and pay for the hire of government, education & privately owned assets.

booka is the simpler way to book, pay, and manage the bookings of assets and venues.

Sporting Grounds

Performance Venues

Public Meeting Spaces

Car Parks

Health & Wellness Facilities


booka – Smart City

Self-service and automation is key to improving citizens’ experiences and organisations’ exposure to lost opportunity.

booka’s powerful API architecture allows easy integration with any 3rd party access, security or hardware control solution like sportsground pavilions, lighting and irrigation systems. 

Use your city’s data to feed insights – create a connection with booka.cloud to feed machine learning and deep asset and customer behaviour analysis to get a better view and insights, and actively manage asset utilisation in real time.



Put your stakeholders first

and let booka do the hard work behind the scenes.

Ease of Use

Make a booking in under a minute. Administer a booking in less.

Cloud and Role Based Access lets bookings be made and administered from anywhere, at any time, by multiple people.

Avoid Conflicts

Automated management of potential conflicts.

Conflict checking means no more having two groups show up to use the same asset, at the same time.

Payments and Reconciliations

Customers pay at time of booking.

booka provides secure cross platform payment and accounting integrations to achieve a 360 degree view of revenues and debtors.

Integrate with existing business systems

Create connections to transfer business data into a CRM, ERP or any enterprise business solution.

Here’s what makes booka the #1 solution for enterprise facility management

Intuitive – ease of use for administrators and stakeholders.

Smart City integrations to automate and streamline the administration process for asset owners.

Make informed decisions – detailed reporting and analysis of asset usage, customers and finances.

Security – booka exceeds government regulation and legislation for data and privacy.

24/7 customer support so we ensure you can support your stakeholders.

Stakeholders Served

Bookings Processed

Assets Under Management

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Everything you need to manage assets, bookings and payments.