Hire and manage your school’s spaces with ease.

Managing your assets should be a friendly process for your stakeholders and your school.

Schools are vital to their communities, and have a key role as meeting places and activity hubs. Home to multiple facilities, making them available to community users outside of a school needs brings mutual benefits.

“School facilities are some of the best in the communities they form a part of. Making them available to outside hirers enriches the community and brings valuable revenue to schools.” 

booka brings a straightforward management of internal and external hirers to the school, minimising the burden on already busy staff. Each school can build the platform to its own needs, with flexibility around assets for hire, availability, requirements and billing.






Theatres and more

A School First Approach

From one to many.

booka’s modular design is suitable and affordable for managing a single campus’ facilities, or to centrally host and manage thousands of locations and facilities while leaving control in the hands of the local facility administrators.

The control over facility and booking data provides centralised education business units overall insight into metrics never before available with comprehensive views of assets, usage, customers and finances. This data can be used to drive decision making and policy goals.


Public Education Facilities

Putting schools first.

Every jurisdiction has a policy to make public school facilities available to the public outside of school hours. booka simplifies this process not only for each school, but at the department level as well. 

Advanced reporting, common business rules, and deep integrations make booka ideal for individual schools who need a solution to manage their facility bookings up to department-wide platform structures.


Private Education Facilities

Same challenges, different needs.

Private school facilities are often in high demand from community hirers. From sportsgrounds, to gyms, theatres and meeting spaces, booka can manage any space, across multiple campuses, with the business rules to ensure priority is given to school groups and preferred stakeholders.

Many private education facilities have first class sporting assets such as rugby and soccer pitches. booka assists you to monitor and manage the usage of these assets to ensure they always in peak condition when they need to be.


booka for Education

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