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The next level in enterprise facility management.

If you manage bookable facilities, from carparks to meeting rooms, conference facilities and hot-desks, booka will give you the control, flexibility and reporting to make the best decisions to make the most of your assets.

Managing leased and hireable assets is a key feature of booka. Easily and quickly add assets to client pools, and reduce management overhead while improving revenue.

Flexible. Scalable. Intuitive.

Let booka increase revenues & reduce overheads.

Maximise Asset Utilisation

Improve revenue by ensuring assets are utilised to their potential.

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Empty space is just potential revenue. Covert that potential to realised revenue by letting booka handle the bookings, access generation, notifications and payments.

Automated Asset Assignment

Assign the correct assets based on requirements.

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booka can manage the assignment of assets to reduce management overheads and avoid conflicts.

Reduce Lost Opportunity

booka collects & manages payments at the time of booking.

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Have your customers pay at the time of booking to ensure there is no more chasing outstanding invoices.
booka will manage payments, receipting and reconciliations – all hands off.

Get the most out of your assets

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