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The key strength of booka is the Whole of Government functionality that the booka platform can deliver. Integrate with 3rd party finance and identify systems, or use the booka core to manage business functions for you. booka is deployed in modules to meet your WhoG platform and smart city goals and policies.

“Governments own and manage thousands of assets for both internal and external use. These assets are distributed across multiple business areas who each have varying business rules, needs and challenges.” 

booka brings a uniformed approach to managing assets while leaving control in the hands of the appropriate business areas. The modularised design of booka means you can start with one vertical of assets, and build your booka platform as you need. Finally you can provide a uniform experience to your stakeholders, but keep the flexibility you need behind the scenes.


Public Meeting Spaces

Parks, Places and Permits


Internal Meeting Rooms

Library facilities and more

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Business Rules Management

How far out can a booking be made?
Can a hirer pay in arrears or in advance?
How/when can a booking be cancelled?

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Customisation and flexibility of business rules is key and unique to every local government business unit and asset owner.

booka was built with business rules in mind and is highly configurable off the shelf to meet your needs.


Make informed decisions.
Detailed reporting and analysis of asset usage, customers and finances.

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Use your city’s data to feed insights. 

Create a connection with booka to feed machine learning, deep asset analysis and customer behaviour analysis to get a better view and insights.

Secure Data & Sovereignty

The platform exceeds government data and privacy legislation and policies to provide a robust service.

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The security of your data and your stakeholders personally identifiable data is paramount. 

booka data is stored on shore in ASD certified infrastructure. 


    Sporting Facilities

    Sporting facility bookings seem simple, but there are a lot of moving parts.

    From the surface the booking and management of sporting facilities can appear quite straightforward. A stakeholder would like to book a sportsground to kick a ball for an hour. Simple.

    But what about the management of thousands of users and organisations booking your facilities, rangers, maintenance contractors, facility access, irrigation, lighting, closures in extreme weather.

    A booking on a sporting ground has a lot of flow on effects and booka will allow you to automate the information flow, facility control and access to required data to ensure that all stakeholders have what they need.

    Parks, Places and Permits

    It’s important you know what is happening on your assets.

    While often public spaces are free for the public to use, when a special event such as a concert, wedding or a business’ Christmas party takes place, there are requirements that licensing and compliance teams need to manage.

    booka allows the public or business to make applications for permits and asks all the right questions to make the administration, management and payment of permits a seamless and quick process. Collect the information and generate the permit documents all from within the platform.

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