Manage safe return to work through smart office asset management.

Contact tracing and social distancing tools for the evolving conditions.


Common areas

Building capacity

Meeting rooms


Amenities, and more

Put your workforce first

with the proven booka tools.

Business Rules Management

How many people can be in a space?
How many days can a team member book?
Who can make and manage bookings?


Create accurate contact registersSee availability, demand and uptake.
Manage security, compliance and safety.

Secure Data & Sovereignty

The platform exceeds government data and privacy legislation and policies to provide a robust service.

Keeping your workplace compliant with legislation.

“The need to manage workplace safety has taken a new shape. Allowing teams, administrators, and third parties to fulfil their work and reporting requirements with minimal overhead has never been more important.”

Meeting new challenges

It’s important you know who is in your workspaces and when.

Protecting the safety and wellbeing of your workforce has never been more important. The situation has never been evolving so quickly. The booka for workspace management solution provides the framework to meet social distancing and safe return to work policies, while giving the flexibility to change as quickly as the conditions do.

booka for workspace management uses the asset and booking management platform used throughout the booka platform to allow the simple management of multiple and recurring bookings. This means you can configure your workspace and business rules to reflect the specific needs of your team.

Safe Return to Work

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